How To Start Keto (Most Effective Method)

How to start keto

Okay, so you’ve made the decision that you want to give keto a try. 99% of people fail within the first week, I will show you how to start keto and stay on keto.

You’re sick and tired of modern, standard diets that never lead any where.

I understand. We’ve all been there.

How to Start Keto – You Have 3 Options:

  1. You just start eating keto.
  2. You slowly, gradually implement keto into your diet.
  3. You go on a 24-48 hour water fast, then you go on keto.

I’m going to discuss how to do #3 “Go on a water fast, then go on keto”. I believe wholeheartedly, this is the best method for starting with a fresh new, keto diet. It’s also the method I used to stay consistent with keto, with ease.

Why the Water Fast Before Starting Keto?

There are a number of reasons for this.

Disregarding the myriad of countless benefits a water fast has to offer, I’m going to offer some insight as to how a water fast will help you with your keto diet goals.

Reason #1: It will reset your taste buds & dopamine response

Many people don’t follow through with diets because they taste bad.

They taste bad because your taste buds crave sugar. Your brain craves the dopamine hit of a soda, crisp or french fry every time you see one.

However, when you fast, you’re subduing these sporadic dopamine cravings.

When you break the fast with a zero sugar, keto meal, you have officially reset your taste buds. It’s only up hill from here.

Your brain will no longer crave sugar, instead, when you’re hungry the brain remembers the last thing that it fed on – the keto meal.

There is no will power required. When your brain thinks “food” the next thought will be “keto”. Done.

Reason #2 It Gives You An Official Start Date

“Actually, I’ll start it tomorrow.”

“Screw it, I’m gonna treat myself.”

Sound familiar?

You need an official starting date so you can nip these excuses in the butt.

Doing a water fast is a very specific thing. It gives you a set date, it’s also a big accomplishment. You will be proud of yourself at the end of the fast. It will be much easier to commence and stick with keto. Success breeds upon success.

How to Start Keto (and stick with it)

Once you’ve completed the water fast, the next part is easy peazy lemon squeezy.

You have reset your dopamine reward centres and reset your taste buds. All you need to do is re-introduce food in the form of keto and you”ll no longer crave sugar like you used to.

  1. Ensure that your first meal is high fat, moderate protein and no carb. (keto)
  2. Remove all carb sources from the house. (Rice, cereal, snacks etc)
  3. Re-stock your cupboards with high fat and protein foods. (eggs, nuts etc)
  4. Welcome to ketosis.

You will now be fat adapted. You will be in ketosis, which is a much more stable, efficient energy source than running off of carbs.

Congrats, you are officially a part of the keto family now. This lifestyle has many perks and benefits that you will find out in the coming weeks.