5 Insane Benefits of Water Fasting (Autophagy)

Insane benefits of water fasting

Fasting is the most powerful tool you have in your arsenal. There are many insane benefits of water fasting that could change your life.

asting is the most powerful tool you have in your arsenal.

I’m not sure what I was thinking, but a few years ago I decided to go on a 72 hour water fast. Prior to the water fast I was sick almost the whole year.

I had constant congestion and a dry cough that would not go away. It was the most annoying thing ever and I see people with it all the time, it’s like a smokers cough that lasts months.

Take all the lozenges and chicken soup you want, this thing does not go away.

Now remember, I was sick all the time. I just accepted that being sick 3-4 times a year was a normal thing.

Now, listen in and listen in carefully.

I have not been sick once since I did that first 72 hour water fast a few years ago.

Not once. Maybe its coincidence… or maybe the benefits of fasting are really really really f***ing powerful.

There’s a reason why every religion on earth talks about fasting, as a former christian we were taught to fast in times of serious illness and ‘god’ would heal you, muslims also practice extensive periods of fasting. It’s only in the modern era that we have lost touch with the importance of fasting.

1. Autophagy (Cell Regeneration)

Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in 2016 for his discoveries relating to autophagy.

This stuff is no joke.

Autophagy occurs when you fast. Its essentially your body in starvation mode. There is no other process quite like it. You can’t take a “supplement” and induce autophagy. It has to be done through fasting.

To put it in layman’s terms. Autophagy regenerates cells in your body.

The process of regenerating your cells is especially important in the modern era. We are constantly bombarded with environment pollutants and toxins in the things we consume. Autophagy can be a key piece in the puzzle for restoring these damaged cells and ultimately, restoring our health.

Theres a bunch of other insane benefits of water fasting, especially when autophagy is induced, such as disease fighting capabilities and improving the immune system. As shown in this study, autophagy plays a significant role, in both health and disease prevention.

To induce autophagy you need to water fast for at least 16 hours, but the best benefits come around the 48+ hour mark. Sounds painful I know, but it’s not as bad as you think, the body has a way of adapting.

2. It Makes You Smarter

There is a protein in the brain called Brain Derived Nuerotrophic Factor (BDNF). When we fast, this protein increases significantly (up to 400% increase). Not only does BDNF contain growth properties but it’s also an anti depressant. BDNF plays a crucial role in neuronal plasticity which is essential for memory and learning.

BDNF is also a key element in preventing strokes and dementia.

Through fasting we are facilitating the growth of brain and nerve cells (called neurogenesis). This will improve brain cognition in noticeable ways. Many people report feeling clearer and smarter as one of the benefits of fasting, eating a keto diet or eating a carnivore diet shows similar results.

This describe’s the sense of euphoria I felt when I was on a 72 hour water fast. If you have mental problems, memory issues or just general brain fog I highly recommend fasting as a cure to improve your brain’s capabilities.

3. Increases Growth Hormone

One of the many benefits of fasting is an increase in HGH. This study shows how fasting massively boosts Human growth hormone.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is the fountain of youth. It’s essentially an anti-aging hormone.

Have I got your attention now? Good.

Fasting increases human growth hormone

Growth hormone plays a role in making sure you have healthy skin, nails, hair, tendons, bones, ligaments and is a building block for muscle.

You want high levels of HGH, trust me.

There are some methods to obtain more HGH such as certain foods, sunlight and exercise. But by far the best way to increase your HGH is fasting. Fasting has been shown to boost HGH by levels of up to 2000%.

4. Makes you Live Longer

A combination of autophagy, human growth hormone increase and brain function improvements can lead to only one conclusion.

Fasting makes you live longer.

The benefits of fasting effects you on a deep cellular level. It quite literally restores and regenerates your cells to new. It is the ultimate life-hack for improving longevity and well-being.

If you need further proof. There was a study done on mice showing that fasting made mice healthier and live longer. This is regardless of their calorie intake or what they were fed. The study showed that mice who ate frequently were unhealthier and more prone to disease. The longer the mice fasted, the healthier and longer they lived.

5. Improves Mental Health

Fasting can cure you of your depression and anxiety.

I’ve noticed mentally, fasting has some serious power.

As stated at the beginning, fasting is practised by many religions. It’s been known for thousands of years that fasting cleanses both the mind and the body.

Mahatma Ghandi, one of the most influential people on earth, was a proponent for fasting. He undertook fasts for up to 21 days. People wrongly mistake that he was doing this as a form of protest. This is no protest.

This is a man realising there is profound spiritual and mental powers to fasting. It’s recorded that he undertook 17 of these long fasts during India’s freedom movement. I can only imagine the profound realisations and mental hurdles he overcame during those fasts!

Ghandi is an extreme example, but we all have our own mental hurdles to which fasting could hugely help. Whether its peace of mind, depression or relief from anxiety.

Many prominent figures practised fasting.

Summary On The Insane Benefits of Water Fasting

These are just some of the insane benefits of water fasting.

You might be wondering, what about after the fast?

If you complete the water fast and just pound down some french fries, you’re defeating the purpose of fasting. What fasting will do is essentially de-toxify and regenerate your body so that you’re new again.

From there, you can plant seeds into the new soil you have created.

You do this by eating a healthy diet. I recommend getting on a proven ketogenic diet plan. The keto diet induces benefits similar to fasting because you are running off ketones, which is similar to the “starvation mode” that you experience through autophagy.

No, you will not die from water fasting. It’s a perfectly natural and healthy thing to do.

Bear in mind I have no experience with dry fasts(no food & no water), from what I know, you can only dry fast for up to a day or so. Water fasting is where it’s at. Your body can last weeks on just water. But you will only need 2-3 days to experience most of the benefits of autophagy.

So give it a go, it changed my health in massive ways and I’m so grateful for finding out about it. The best part about it is it’s absolutely free.

Thank you for reading!