What is ketosis? (The Power of Ketosis)

What is ketosis

In this article, we will discuss what is ketosis, as well as the powerful impact in can have on our brain.

“The brain was created with a built-in automatic goal striving mechanism…much more complex than any computer made by man.”

– Maxwell Maltz, Author of Psycho-Cybernetics

Your brain is a miraculous instrument. More powerful than any computer known to man.

However, most people are unfocused, distracted and lack the vision to stick to their goals.

Why is this?

Because their brain is broken.

Their brain is clouded through years of abuse, toxins, chemicals and sugars.

A healthy brain is a brain that strives towards goals – naturally and effortlessly.

So how do you attain a healthy brain?

The answer is simple. Stop abusing your brain.

How to Stop Harming Your Brain

When doctors hand out pharmaceutical pills for depression and anxiety, patients consuming these pills often report back years later that their life has lost meaning. They have lost touch with their natural goal striving instincts because they have abused their brain with drugs. The same is often the case with recreational drug use.

Have you ever seen the show “My 600lb Life”?

It’s a docu-series that vlogs the life of various 600lb individuals. Most of them consume over 10,000 calories daily (mostly in the form of carbs) and do nothing but lie in bed. It’s an interesting show because you can really delve into the mind of a person who weighs 600lbs.

What you’ll notice is a common theme. All of these obese individuals have no will power, brain power or emotional stability. Not only does their body completely lack the ability to perform basic tasks, but their brain completely lacks the ability to make logical thought.

I call this phenomenon being “carb clouded”. They have lost the ability to think. Their brain is clouded. They have no goal striving mechanism. They literally can’t put two and two together that to improve their life by 100x all they have to do is eat less food over time.

So what does a 600lb person have to do with the average joe reading this article? There is a high-chance that you too, have impaired your brain through abuse. It can come in many forms: cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse or carb addiction.

Start Fuelling Your Brain Through Ketosis

What is ketosis? It’s efficiency, clarity and calmness.

Stop the chemicals.

Stop the drug use.

Stop the sugar.

What you will find is that your brain starts working again, how it is suppose to.

Your “goal striving mechanism” begins to kick in when your brain is healthy and working.

The “high” of eating sugar will be replaced with the “high” of progression and goals. All of a sudden waking up at 5AM to go to the gym is something you look forward to rather then something you dread. You look forward to progression because you have a vision that is clear.

You are no longer clouded, you have clarity.

This is what a healthy and natural brain looks like.

Before you know it, you’re coming up with ideas. You’re writing things down and you’re tackling your goals one by one.

What is Ketosis and How Does it Improve Our Brain?

If you haven’t already got the hint, sugar messes with your brain.

You’re not going to heal your brain by eating “superfoods” or taking supplements. You have to look at the system as a whole. You have to change the entire way you eat if you want real results.

The first step to healing your brain is to cut out the sugar, then eventually cut out the carbs.

You can do this overnight or you can do this gradually, it doesn’t really matter.

You can go on a water fast.

You can go on the carnivore diet.

You can go on the ketogenic diet.

There are options.

I made the decision to start eating keto a while back, It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Thank you for reading!