How To Wake Up Earlier (The #1 Tip on the Web)

“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom.”

– Aristotle

You were Born to be a Morning Person

Right now, I can confidently say I am a morning person.

I love the mornings.

There’s a sense of deep reflection and fulfilment that you feel when you get up in the early hours.

It’s the best part of the day by far.

And no, I wasn’t always a morning person.

Hell no.

I was the exact opposite.

I bought into the hype that there are two types of people: early risers and late sleepers.

I felt like crap every single morning and every single night I told myself I’d get up earlier. It never happened.

Coincidently, every single night I had carb cravings.

Carb cravings at night are so universal that they made a word for it – “dessert”.

If there’s two things that the average laymen have in common it’s eating dessert and sleeping in. People love both of these.

Personally, I HAD to eat banana bread and some form of crisps (Pringles BBQ flavour).

I’m not sure whether it was a craving or addiction.

But every night without fail I ate carbs.

I couldn’t sleep with out it.

And every morning, without fail I would sleep in.

Morning Advice that Sucks:

Google “How to wake up earlier” and you’ll find all sorts of impractical mumbo jumbo on the topic.

Garbage such as:

  1. Find your inspiration
  2. Develop a morning routine
  3. Put your alarm clock across the room
  4. Don’t press snooze
  5. Develop a better attitude towards mornings

Duhh! Everyone’s tried this nonsense.

It’s common sense.

It also doesn’t work.

You’re still going to press the snooze button.


Because you feel groggy.

You need that extra bit of rest.

You’re too tired to even lift an arm up let alone conceptualise your life mission.

Well I’m here to give you some actual practical advice that works.

It works wonders.

The Cure for Sleeping In Is… (Drum role please)

What is the key to becoming a morning person?

What is the number one thing you can do that will make it 100 x easier to get up?

Cut out the carbs.

Yeap, it’s as simple as that.

Right now I feel amazing.

Its 11:00 AM and I’ve already accomplished a boat load.

I woke up at 5:00am naturally (my alarm was set to 5:15am). I had my morning coffee, went to the gym, had a shower, ate a huge bulking breakfast, all with time to spare.

How did I do all this with ease?

Because I don’t eat carbs.

I eat ketogenic.

Exactly the same time I started eating keto I became a morning person.

It’s no coincidence.

The morning’s are essential for your growth.

You come up with the best ideas in the morning.

If you go to the gym in the morning, you’ll feel relaxed and loose the whole day.

Productive morning = productive day.

You probably don’t have to go full keto to be able to wake up in the morning with ease. But personally, If I eat even moderate carbs throughout the day, I’ll have intense carb cravings at night.

That’s why I just scrap the carbs all together.

At this point I have zero desire or craving to eat carbs before bad.

I also have zero desire to press the snooze button and sleep in.

So, do you want to start getting on top of your life?

Do you want to wake up with ease and joy?

Do you want to know what it feels like to actually look forward to the morning?

Then cut the sugar, cut the carbs.

It worked for me.

That’s my advice.

Thanks for reading!