We are dedicated to spreading the truth about food and health. We are not fitness guru’s or doctors looking to make a quick buck off clients, although doctors give great advice, they normally don’t live the keto lifestyle and thus don’t deliver practical advice – we are keto enthusiasts who practise what we preach. We live and breath keto. Ketosis is a way of life for us. We take the information we give you very seriously because we know it changes lives in profound ways. This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

Main Contributor to Simply Ketosis

Noah is a business owner, health freak, hiking addict, avid reader and most importantly – a passionate keto enthusiast.

My Journey into Ketosis

“I have two pivotal moments in my life. Life before keto and life after keto. Imagine finding a diet that cured you of your physical ailments, lifted your brain fog / anxiety and gave you a surge of energy that you have never before felt in your entire life – that is what ketosis does for me. Caffeine, green smoothies, herbs, even drugs – nothing compares to the feeling of being in ketosis – I describe it as being in the zone. It’s night and day compared to most so called ‘health’ diets.”

“There was a lot of trial and error, experimenting and finally finding a method to optimally reach ketosis. When I followed the teachings of some of the big names in the keto industry I noticed lacklustre results – It wasn’t until I read every single scientific literature and article that I could get my hands on that I was able to develop my own approach – which started producing amazing results for me. I thought to myself – if experimenting with a diet like this could deliver such huge changes in my life, why not spread the message to others? For me the change was so profound that it set off an upward domino effect in my life, I was reborn.” 


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