What is Ketovore? (Keto vs Ketovore Debate)

what is ketovore

Ketovore is the revolutionary new way of eating that is taking the world by storm. Not really…we’ve been eating in a ketovore manner for many thousands of years.

In fact, it can be argued that ketovore is an even more optimal way of eating than keto.

I mean, think about it….What makes more sense, eating avocado and cheese with every meal OR eating mostly meat, with some added fats.

To me ketovore simply makes more logical sense.

Then you have carnivore which is a little on the extreme side, not enough empirical data for my liking. I understand you want to be hip like Jordan Peterson, but do you have an immune disorder? Do vegetables reek havoc on your body? No…Than stick to keto or ketovore.

What Are The Added Benefits of Ketovore?

Some people will respond better on ketovore than on keto.

I would also argue that a higher protein ratio can deliver better results as far as muscle growth is concerned. As an avid gym goer for 10+ years I’m not convinced that a traditional 75% fat 20% protein and 5% carbs is suitable for muscle gain and athletic performance.

This is where ketovore comes in. It’s keto with more focus on protein and meats, rather than heavy fats like whipped cream, avocados and cheese. As you can see it appears to be a much more natural way of eating compared to traditional keto diets.

The Benefits of KETOVORE:

  1. Ability to eat more nutrient dense foods
  2. Focus is on meats and vegetables
  3. Higher meat consumption often increases testosterone
  4. A focus on incorporating organ meats leads to massive increase in micronutrients consumed
  5. Flexibility – the focus is less on staying in ketosis and more on eating nutritious meats and vegetables
  6. Mental health. Many have noticed an increase in dominance, calmness and mental clarity when undergoing a ketovore diet

Am I Still In Ketosis When Eating Ketovore?


And no.

It depends.

Everyones body is different. Some people will stay in ketosis, some will fluctuate in and out of ketosis, while others will be fuelled from glucose which has been converted from the excess protein.

It will depend on the rate that your body generates ketones. For example, leaner folk tend to get into ketosis faster, thus a ketovore diet will likely still put them in ketosis for most of the time. It is okay to fluctuate in and out of ketosis for periods. As long as you are avoiding huge insulin spikes from carb sources such as pizza, rice, bread etc.

If you’re somewhere in the middle, like me, you will fluctuate in and out of ketosis. This isn’t a bad mode of survival. The spikes aren’t as harsh as a traditional glucose spike, meaning you wont crash after your meals. Also you get to eat a tonne of meat and vegetables which is always a good thing for your body.

Keto vs Ketovore: How Do I Transition to Ketovore?

If you’ve been doing keto for quite some time now, you’re in the perfect spot to transition into ketovore.

The focus is mostly on grass fed cuts of meat and as much organic food as possible.

If you just eat standard corn fed meat, you wont receive benefits. You’ll still lose weight but you’ll feel drained. I’ve tried going grain fed in the hopes of saving some coin, the problem is corn fed meats simply don’t nourish you the way that grass fed meat does.

To sum up: Try ketovore and experience the benefits yourself. I believe the ketovore diet gives you the best of both worlds as far as keto and carnivore is concerned.