Why Do People Eat Fast Food? (4 Reasons)

Why do people eat fast food

I’m going to delve into the mind of carb eaters and discuss why people eat fast food, specifically refined carbs.

Has there ever been something that the masses thought was completely healthy but was actually not? There are many examples of this, such as smoking being mainstream in the 1950’s. Using glucose as a fuel source(High carb diets) also comes under this umbrella.

The list goes on.

The Low-Fat Diet Trend

Just think about this for a second.

Probably the biggest diet fad ever pushed by the mainstream was the “low fat” diet phenomenon. It still continues till this day. Millions of food products have changed their nutrition to suit the low fat trend.

The result? Even more sugar is being pumped into the masses.

When you have a low fat food item, what does that really mean?

It means the fat in the product was replaced by sugar (carbs). Which means they’ve just added more sugar to that “low fat” yogurt you’re eating. They have virtually made something unhealthier under the false premise that it is more healthy for you.

Yep, in 2019 there is barely a single place that just sells plain old meat and veggies.

Consumerism in 2019

4 Reasons Why People Eat Fast Food (Refined Carbs)

1. It’s easier to sell

There are WAY more high carb food options that shops can sell, than high fat food options. This is why so many people eat fast food. There are literally hundreds and thousands of different foods you can make and easily sell to the masses.

Various forms of soda, crisps, candy, pastries… the list goes on.

On the other side, there are only so many options that are high fat. This gives shops and fast-food chains limited selling power.

The result is you have almost no food stores that sell high-fat keto friendly foods.

I live in a modern, metropolitan city – even for me it’s practically impossible to order keto friendly foods. You’re forced to order something and then heavily modify the order if the food establishment allows it.

2. It tastes Better

Adding sugar to a product is the easiest and cheapest way to make something taste better.

The more sugar you add to food, the more your dopamine receptors will crave that food. This is not the case with fat, when a food is higher in fat, you do not crave it more, in-fact it’s the opposite – it is more satiating.

More satiating? Do you think fast-food franchises and the food industry as a whole want you to be satiated? certainly not.

They want you to be hungry. They want you to crave more food each and every time you walk by their store.

Every single supermarket is built with sweets at the purchasing front, because they know people cant resist it.

Everyone craves the dopamine hit that a candy bar will give you. The stores know this and it drives profits like crazy.

3. It Sounds Better

“Low fat” diet just sounds better.

For the uneducated, “low fat” automatically equals “lose fat”.

They sound so familiar. But it’s not the case. We already know that losing weight is about your overall calories consumed, not about eating fat.

The fact of the matter is that most people consume their overall calories through snacking and eating high sugar foods. Chips, soda, candy, bread, pasta – these are the things that people indulge on.

4. The Masses are Heavily Carb Addicted


  1. the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

Carb addiction is as real as any addiction on earth.

Don’t believe me?

Stop eating sugar for a day.

You will have insane withdrawals, cravings, low energy and possibly depression.

You have the exact same feeling when you stop smoking or drug use.

You have this feeling because the dopamine from sugar has jacked up your brain. If you eat a “normal” diet then you crave carbs every hour. You’re also hungry almost immediately after eating because carbs are not satiating.

This is why the snacking industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Understand that the general population has a heavy dependence on carbs. Of course they’ll have a hard time accepting that limiting your carbs is extremely beneficial. Have you ever told a smoker to stop smoking?

Summary – Why People Eat Fast Food

Food manufacturers are not to be trusted. They’ll label an item as low fat – while adding sugar, maltodextrin, artificial sweeteners and additives you cant even pronounce.

The food industry has no concern for your health. Labels have been misconstrued for years, leading you in the wrong direction.

The mainstream food industry does not give a sh*t about your health. Let’s just get that out of the way. You are being led down a rabbit whole towards carb dependence. It’s up to you to do the research, if you want your body and mind to “thrive” rather then “cope”.

Thank you for reading

If you’re interested in finding a diet that will give you more energy and health check out the Keto Diet.