How to Stick to a Diet Long Term (Keto)

How to stick to a diet

This article is going to break down how to stick to a diet. Not just how to stick to a diet, but how to start enjoying the proccess of changing your diet.

95% of people trying keto don’t make it past a few weeks.

There is a small subset (5%) of people that actually stick with it and utilize the many benefits that come along with it. They change their life for the better, while becoming smarter and more energetic. These people are the almost cultist, religious keto followers who would die for their cause (not really), but they are very passionate about it because they have experienced the profound benefits of changing their eating habits.

I’m going to show you how you can be one of the 5%’ers that actually stick with a diet long term. We are going to use the keto diet as an example.

First, Be very specific with your Goals.

Write down exactly why you are doing the specific diet.

If it’s to lose 30lbs then write “I’m doing keto to lose 30lbs”

or if it’s to increase brain function, write “I’m doing keto to experiment if it increases my focus”

ect ect.

Next, you write down exactly how long you will do keto for. My tip is to aim for 1 week. Give yourself one week where you eat strictly keto.

What is one week versus the entirety of your life? You’re not going to look back on your life and regret not eating those crisps and snickers bars. In fact, you will look back and be 100% grateful you made this little experiment.

Example: “I’m doing keto for 1 week, my target is to lose 4lbs”.

This is a very clear and concise goal that you can work towards. The very act of writing this down will already make it easier for you to stick with keto. If you can’t even take the effort to write it down on a notepad, then don’t bother at all with changing your diet, because you’re not ready.

Next, Remove All Carbs From the House

If you’re going to make the commitment, then make the commitment.

You have to burn the boats to move forward and conquer.

Just remove the carbs, I repeat, remove the carbs!

All sources of carbs – sugar, rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, snacks – everything goes in the bin.

Your future self will thank you, don’t worry.

This Study shows that changing your environment one of the best ways to stick to a diet.

If you have kids or a wife, this step will be much harder. You might have to just set aside your own “keto cupboard” that has no options for carbs / sugar.

Lastly, write down exactly what you will eat on a daily basis. You don’t have to stick with it to a T, but you do need a general guideline.

Preparation is key. Know exactly what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Again, the act of you writing this down and putting it on your fridge will already make it 10x easier to follow.

For example:

Breakfast: BP Coffee + 2 eggs
Lunch: Chicken + avocado
Dinner: Steak/cheese + vegetables

What About Cheat Meals?

If you cheat, your progress will be at a minimum. You will feel glimpses of positive benefits, but it will be fleeting. You won’t reap the full benefits.

How to stick to a diet
The benefits of the keto diet will be up and down, never reaching its potential if you consistently implement cheat meals. This causes people to give up on their diets, effectively caused by cheating too much (ie the benefits go back to base line)

Humans are creatures of habit. You need to instil the habit first before you start cheating. If you want to stick to a diet the #1 attribute is habit.

It’ll take unnecessary usage of your will power to get back on the keto bandwagon every time you cheat. For a while, I would cheat on the weekends, I would allow myself pizza and whatever carbs I desired. This wasn’t efficient because I would spend half the week trying to get back into ketosis.

Then, I would cheat only on Sundays. But you will experience a crash and very low energy the next day, as well as your carb cravings will come back with a vengeance.

When cheat meals are eaten very infrequently, such as once a week, the benefits keep surmounting at a steady pace and stay at that height without slumping back down to base level.

Finally, I cut it down to one cheat meal per week. This is the sweet spot because you can still eat a ‘normal’ meal with your friends and family and you’ll also be right back in ketosis (either the next day, or in a few hours).

After One Month on a Diet, You’ve Made It

Once you’ve hit a month of solid keto, there’s no going back. This is where you enter a new chapter of your life. Science says it takes 66 days to form a habit, but I’ll bet you can do it in just a few weeks, if you adhere to the advice in this article.

You will notice a profound shift in energy.

You will notice your brain fog, anxiety and depression has evaporated.

You will notice improvements in gym results.

And much more.

You will be disgusted at the thought of chugging down sugar. Sugar addiction is as real as drug and alcohol addiction. You already know sugar is bad for you, there’s a wealth of knowledge out there and it’s been well known excess sugar causes problems, keto is the next step.

You now know how to stick to a diet.

Are you up for the task? One month. Let’s do this!

PS. You can apply this knowledge to any diet. Be it carnivore, paleo or vegetarian. I used keto in this example because that’s the diet i have the most experience in. The general principles remain the same.