Keto Diet Explained (For Dummies)

This article is going to break down the bread and butter (okay maybe not the bread) about the keto diet. The keto diet will be explained in black and white.

So, What is the Keto Diet?

Let’s get straight to the point. Keto is a high fat, moderate protein and very low carb diet.

Everything you eat is comprised of macronutrients. I’m sure you’ve heard the term macro’s before but if you haven’t, macro’s are made up of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Now, a ketogenic diet basically focuses on consuming food in a more natural, primal way. Meaning the bulk of your diet is soley protein and fats, with almost no carbohydrates. Think eggs, steak, avocados, nuts, oils and some veggies. Foods that are big NO NO’s on keto are rice, potatoes, candy, most fruit, oats etc (these are all carbs).

Specifically, it’s recommended to consume 75% fats, 20% protein and 5% carbs, but these are just guidelines. In laymen’s terms; eat high fat animal products and some vegetables. When you consume a diet like this that’s high in fat – your body will become fat adapted and run on fats as a fuel source (using ketones) rather then carbs. It’s a more stable energy source for many, including myself.

Ketogenic Macro Break Down:

The Ketogenic Diet’s recommended Macro breakdown via Pie Chart. PS: don’t mistake this for an actual pie, pie’s are a definite no no on keto!

Wait, Are All Carbs Unhealthy?

Many people may argue that breads, grains, rice and potatoes are healthy carbs, as they’ve been around for thousands of years. While this up to you to decide, the harsh truth is that they’re still carbohydrates. At the end of the day, they will get broken into simple sugars and released into the blood stream, resulting in insulin being released.

This being said, even excess fruits and vegetables will be broken down into sugars. Luckily, theres still many vegetables that are extremely low in carbs, thus a large majority of vegetables are fine to be consumed on keto.

Keto diet explained for dummies
The high-fat portion in this meal (meat and cheese) is actually okay to consume on keto. What people don’t realise is the bun, fries and soda add a huge amount of sugar to your diet – the carbs are the real culprit.

Doesn’t an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” may have been true in the 1900’s because apples where smaller and more nutritious (and were probably under 20g of carbs). Now they are bigger, laden with pesticides and sometimes chemically engineered.

Also, back then sugar wasn’t added to every product in grocery isles. These days “an apple a day” is just adding to your already excess carb count.

Personally, I had been eating so called “healthy” carbs for years but I couldn’t quite understand why I still felt unhealthy and lethargic (despite being in tremendous shape). It wasn’t until I tried eating keto that I started connecting the dots. Carbs are carbs. If you drink a glass of OJ, thats a boat load of sugar – regardless of how many health blogs claim that fruit contain a million and one benefits. Your body will still process it as sugar.

Although the evidence isn’t always clear. Many studies point to excess sugar consumption causing inflammation and disease – this study shows how sugar can cause arthritis and this study shows how sugar consumption can increase likelihood of disease.

The Keto Diet Explained – Why Should I Try Keto?

Because it can potentially improve your health by a huge margin. Keto is not only great for weight loss, but also for improving overall health and brain function. It’s been widely studied in the scientific community with many impressive results.

Here’s one study examining patients over 24 weeks, showing greatly improved health markers in overweight individuals.

I would recommend you don’t take my word for it, rather, try it for a few weeks. If you feel like your current diet is not making you feel super-charged and optimised, maybe the keto diet might be the answer for you.

Hopefully this explained the keto diet for you. If it did, then you’re ready start keto.

Thank you for reading.